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Detox - Purify with Root Trinity

How did I get to Root?

In a chat group that is interested in health and exchanges ideas, I was looking for a way to detoxify heavy metal pollution for a customer. Because much of what he had tested did not bring the necessary success.

3 different people recommended Root CleanSlate to me because this product supposedly triggers less stressful side effects when the cells want to detoxify.

I know Clorella, Spirulina, CDL, DMSO, Lavylites Solvyl and others, but I was curious enough to order Trinity (3 detox products). I myself am in a very good position and must be relatively free of toxins so that I didn't have any symptoms of detoxification.

But to a friend of mine who was dealing with Stomach Flu I gave a small sachet of Restore and after an hour he got out of his bed and said he had 20% more energy now.

In the chatroom I met Diana. She has already gained deeper insights and experiences and is now the number 1 consultant here at Frequencyshop when it comes to detoxification products (Root Trinity) and cell rejuvenation (Root GMBMY).

Diana's testimonial:

"My son, 14, had retired for the last 2 years. He was overweight, bad skin, high blood pressure, dandruff and worst of all: he wasn't up for anything anymore. He hardly ever went to school, these masks were hell for him, pointless Worn in class. He completely lost his thread. Bad grades too and all he wanted to do was stay home. Then in April Root came into the house. I had no idea what a marvel we have in our hands now. Me and my son started Cleanslate and then ZeroIn came into play, but it wasn't until July.
I can't believe it myself, but he's lost 5 kg, is growing his hair long, his skin has gotten much better and his will to live has increased so much - unbelievable. He changed schools. That just makes me happy.
I can only recommend ROOT."

If you want to test the products yourself, you can order them directly here in the shop:TO THE SHOP

Trinity - Ingredients

CleanSlate was developed using proprietary, patent-pending techniques that kick-start recycling by making nature's silica more bioavailable and adding trace minerals and vitamin C. The result is a revolutionary silica with ingredients that combine to deliver higher standards of bioavailability, safety and efficacy to support the body's passive cleansing while enhancing healing and recovery pathways.

Zero In

Zero-in will help you get out of the brain fog and into laser-sharp mental focus. It is the natural alternative to synthetic stimulants.


Application                  Dosage

Restore harnesses the best of nature to restore your energy. It's a perfect aid if you're trying to lose weight, are vegan or just want to give your body all the vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids it needs for a healthy, active life.


Our Tip:

Root Trinity - the ThreePack


Detoxify and then energize


Who is behind Root (


The co-founder Dr. Christina Rahm is the woman who develops the recipes. Her own history of suffering (cancer) was pivotal in developing Root. She is a mother, wife and artist. She holds a Masters in Science, a PhD, and numerous postdoctoral and postgraduate degrees. In the interesting videos, she introduces herself and why she helped develop Root (back to the roots).

If you would like to test the products yourself, you can order them directly here in the shop or get more information:


ROOT - an overview

The wonderful dr. Alina Lessenich, who specializes in detoxification, gives an interview with Dr. C. Rahm

Clean Slate - Regenerate your body with ROOT Trinity


Experts and personal advice from Diana Huch

Please send by email your request preferably with your telephone number, you will be called back as soon as possible: or directly on

telegram: @NaturSeeleSelbstheilung


"I'm 45 years old and have been taking Cleanslate consistently since April 2022. Started with one drop daily in the morning and evening and then 10.
In addition, I have had the GIVE ME BACK MY YOUTH (collagen/colostrum) and Mitochondria Defense Shield since July.
It makes me feel full of energy, balanced and clearer than ever!
It's a good feeling to know that everything that shouldn't be in my body is just passively drained."

Diana Huch

Order or find out more: to the website

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