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Schauberger, Viktor

Viktor Schauberger - inventor, natural scientist and para-scientist, (* June 30, 1885, † September 25, 1958) stood in the tradition of his ancestors and was first a forester, like his grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather.

He observed nature very closely and found out, among other things, that the temperature of the water is decisive, whether the water flows alive or becomes sluggish. He used this knowledge for sliders for wood logs to get wood down the mountain. His method was much more effective than the previous ones, so that he was appointed the highest head of the princely forest districts. In Vienna he was even appointed Reich Consultant for wood-flushing systems.

But Schauberger's academic salary cutters made life difficult for him, so he switched to an Austrian construction company to build sliders for wood logs all over Europe.

Here too, Schauberger noticed the company's greed for money through a dishonest contract with Czechoslovakia and separated from it.
Schauberger recognized the connections between the swirling effect of the water and its cleaning power. He found out how to keep rivers clean in a natural way, when spring water runs dry or how to transport water up the mountain without a water pump.

Schauberger even offered the German authority to rehabilitate the Rhine at its own expense after a flood in 1935. The authorities often ignored him, but Schauberger was tireless in his noble intentions, continued to work and research, often with his own resources.

However, his most significant discovery was the force of implosion. Because in a vortex (water vortex, cyclone, etc.) there is not only the expansive or expolsive force of the left turn, but at the same time the implosive force of the right turn, which is directed inwards. This force is the attractive, life-promoting and formative force that nature makes use of.


Schauberger discovered the possibility of levitation using this implosion force and developed small home power plants and drive motors for airplanes. His knowledge has had a major impact on technical achievements.

During the turmoil of World War II, the Nazis forced V. Schauberger to run a research camp.

pic. right: Sog-Steig-Wendel from Schauberger


Viktor Schauberger went to the USA in 1958, at that time he was health impaired and impoverished, because many of his inventions were confiscated. There the head of the group tricked him again and the initial euphoria subsided because his ideas received too little attention. His son and he had time in Texas to outline more ideas, but Schauberger was troubled by the heat in Texas and the lack of prospect of success, so he returned to Europe after 3 months. In order to be able to pay for the return flight, he overcame all his rights to his machines and documents, which he left behind in the USA.

He died shortly after his return to Austria. Throughout his life he remained true to his high divine morality:


„“Despite its supposedly high technical culture, civilized humanity has reached such a low ethical standard that it can no longer recognize that this physical and moral deterioration is nothing more than a cultural decay. For this reason, it also becomes a sacred duty for people who recognize the scope of the mistakes made, to stand up for the final correction of the many errors, without compromising their own advantages. "

(Viktor Schauberger)

Schaubergers Erfindungen

Schauberger has left humanity a fantastic knowledge that will certainly be used sensibly in the future. In particular, the drive will be revolutionized by the suction effect.

The technology of the Schauberger water swirler is already available for home use.

A water filter system is recommended, which not only filters the pollutants (chemical residues from medication, chlorine, viruses, heavy metals, etc.), but also energizes and informs the water, as demonstrated by M. Emoto's water crystal pictures.

We therefore recommend the 11-stage energizing system from the German water filter manufacturer Best Water (market leader), which is unique in the world. It energizes with bio photons in the frequency 1013 Hertz, with the rock crystal, one Glass generator with the information

Wasserwirbler und Hyperbel

of the healing waters of Lourdes, Fatima and Mecca, a stainless steel spiral for swirled water and many other energizing methods. The water swirler was developed according to Schauberger's exemplary work, because this energizing method, which gives the filtered water its "naturalness" after cleaning by the vortex dynamization.

There are many water filter systems or water treatment systems, but the secret of the preparation and cleaning lies in the details.In the end, it's not just the effect that counts, but the taste and there are clear differences.


More about water filters (link)

pic. right: Vortex spiral of BestWater

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