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Samuel Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (born April 10, 1755, † July 2, 1843) was a German doctor and medical writer. He is the founder of homeopathy.


Although the therapeutic effect has been hotly debated to this day, Hahnemann is the only inventor in our pioneering series who received recognition and honors throughout his life through the invention of homeopathy and still has an established place in medicine, probably because he was a member of a powerful secret lodge.

Hahnemann spent his last years in Paris as a respected doctor until his death. In the course of his research as a medical doctor, drug potentiation was invented, a method of dilution with simultaneous mechanical processing (shaking, rubbing). As a result, he reduced the side effects of the medication.

Was Hahnemann aware that he invented and used a kind of information medicine with his dilution method? In any case, Hahnemann had many students who spread homeopathy further. Today, homeopathy is an integral part of medicine.



Briefly explained, homeopathy has been developed from two basic ideas:


  1. „Like heals like" (after Hippocrates, 460-375 BC) and out of

  2. the medication potentiation (the so-called dilution, at which Hahnemann assumed that the intellectual information dissolves from the material and the effect increases, the more diluted the medication becomes by a special shaking technique (the more intellectual the medication, the stronger the effect)



„Since this natural healing law (the principle of similarity) is documented in all pure attempts and all real experiences of the world, so the Scientifical explanation of how this happens, is of little importance and I place little value on trying to do the same. However, the following view has proven to be the most probable, since it is based on the premises of experience”

(Excerpt: Organon, § 20 - Samuel Hahnemann)

Criticism of the effect:

- The effect comes only through belief, i.e. placebo effect

Emoto's crystal images provide evidence of the effect of intimate information.
There are enough tests with unbelievers, animals and blind tests where mental vibrations can hardly be measured by material measuring devices

- The effect is purely coincidental if it had happened without homeopathy

Humans are always subject to many influences, so this statement remains unproven

On the website: homeopathy is explained in more detail.


Due to the extensive exploration of water as an information carrier, the effects of intellectual information such as thoughts, words and music can no longer be denied.


"The highly diluted remedies of homeopathy are actually information obtained from plant extract or minerals that are carried on by the water pattern."

(Dr. Med. Alois Riedler)


I recommend a short, understandable video (14 min.) On the subject of homeopathy and information medicine:

We share the opinion that homeopathy is a way to take a medicine that reduces side effects compared to other agents.

And we are of the opinion that information cosmetics for home use are even easier and more effective to handle than homeopathy with a wealth of positive information !!!


More information on Informationskosmetik here on

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