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Seeing - measurable effect of healing art


What is the healing effekt of works of art??

Works of art are pictures that have a charisma, they vibrate and send out information like everything else in the universe.

We were interested in the question of how works of art affect people. To investigate the question, we used the bioscanner LAB 200 (Energetic Laboratory Analyzer) (left figure) and 2 works of art, which we assumed that they could have positive effects due to the high vibration due to the motif and the energy of the artist.


Test method


  1. Two test subjects (male and female) were scanned with the LAB 200 before viewing an image to record the values.

  2. Then they were shown a painting of Henry Sterzik for 5 minutes at a distance of 1.5 meters.

  3. The male test subject A (middle) was shown the green picture and test subject B (female) the picture was shown in pink.

  4. After 5 minutes, both test subjects were scanned again (see evaluation)

Wirkung von Kunst
Ornament_III_von Henry Sterzik
Test mit Bild von Henry Sterzik



The Lab 200 provides all kinds of data on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, gastrointestinal function, liver, colon, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney function, lungs, memory function, bones, blood sugar, vitamin balance, thyroid, heavy metals, allergies, meridians and their more specific analyzes. There are too many to mention.

expert tips on nutrition are also given.


However, we limit the hole evaluation to the most important values ​​that deviate from the norm and show them in comparison (see the graphics below):


Test person 1 (female, 15 years old)


The female subject was scanned at 4:13 p.m. before viewing the artwork. The result shows properties that deviate the most from the normal range (normal value).

In our case, there are 12 tested properties that differ.

Auswertung Wirkung von Kunst

The following graphic also shows the values ​​that deviate the most from the norm, but after looking at the picture, measurement at 4.20 p.m.


The positive effects after viewing the picture (pink) of only 5 minutes are the following:

  • Only 10 different properties

  • Myocardial perfusion (blood performance of the coronary arterial blood flow to the heart) and potassium (trace element) are back in the normal range and are therefore no longer listed in the table

  • All values (except for lung function) have improved

Testergebnis 2

Test person 2 (male, 18 years old)


The male test subject was scanned at 4:09 p.m. before viewing the artwork. The result shows properties that deviate the most from the normal range (normal value) also here.

In our case there are 16 tested properties that differ.

Testergebnis 3

Bioscann after viewing the picture, measurement at 4:17 p.m. (see graphic below)


The positive effects after viewing the picture (green) of only 5 minutes are as follows:

  • Only 11 different properties


  • 6 tested properties are again within the normal range and therefore are no longer listed in the table​


  • All values ​​(apart from the vital capacity) have improved

Ornament III vonHenry Sterzik
Testergebnis B



High vibrations improve the state of health. When a painting emits high vibrations, this energy must have flowed through the artist.


Henry Sterzik's pictures are energy pictures with high vibrations, they have a positive effect when viewed.

Viewing the pictures triggers feelings in people that create a harmonization that has a positive effect on the bodily functions.

The images harmonize the human body and its physical functions simply by looking at them.

We help you:


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