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Water Resonator


Tesla Balance

Tesla 2Go

Hexagonal water transports minerals better. By circulating the water in the pipe, deposits are reduced. The electromagnetic fields can be measured with measuring devices.


Operation area: Every water pipe, house, garden, agriculture, commerce, industry, trade, catering, hotel industry, fish pond etc.

Worldwide unique technical device for reducing electrosmog.

Measuring devices measure the difference (see video below). Simply plug it into the socket and the device works.


Area of application: Any apartment, residential building, office, workplace, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Protective amulets are a dime a dozen. But I don't know of anyone who is active energy andfrequencies sends.

The Tesla2Go is an innovative wearable device that utilizes the benefits of high frequency stimulation. The energy is activated by a battery.

It is ideal for people who are the bus, car, shopping...everywhere

Waterresonator von Wassermatrix

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Experience report from January 11, 2023, Mr. Thomas H., Tesla@Home, well-being

"I've had the Tesla for a month. I'm thrilled. The first impression in my mouth was that the water was rough, like a kind of light sandpaper. I also had the feeling that the water was clinging to the mucous membranes, like very small air bubbles . Although there is a lot of limescale in my area, I no longer have any problems with it. I also noticed that the water smells good when it runs out of the tap. ... My physical well-being also increases. I do sports, that's it "I noticed that I can easily maintain my training heart rate, where I previously had to exert myself, and even have to slow it down a bit. I can only recommend Tesla Home, I was impressed from the first sip."

Peer Zeeberg explains the Water Resonator in this clip (english)

This is how plants GROW faster with high frequency (world first)

Arthur Tränkle explains the Water Resonator in this clip

High frequency over the frequency 150 MHz... everything is and will be possible

The developers A. Tränkle and E. Jansen have already had great success with itTesla oscillator achieved and the knowledge and technical implementation were ideal for the invention ofWater Resonators and now also forTesla 2Go be used.

Tesla Home products are offered through direct sales.

More information can be found here:

Photos show water crystals through the use of Telsa Home: Water Resonator

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