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Self-discovery in turbulent times

"Rüdiger Dahlke once said that when he strives for the light, he always ends up with the shadow. This means that light and darkness belong together in creation, as illustrated in the Taoist symbol of yin and yang.

The mighty need the powerless, the great need the small and the hero needs the dragon, this is how we recognize and measure within creation"

Henry Sterzik

The Hero's Journey

"Although I keep trying new things and move a lot, I dance (5 rhythms, wave, contact), I feel an inner stagnation, it keeps throwing me back into emotional structures that block and frustrate me.

Blocked? What's behind it?

I keep asking myself this question, although I have already experienced many good insights in courses and transformations, in Indian sweat lodges, reincarnation therapies, soul readings, medicine wheel sessions and much more. Everything has its good, its justification and has allowed me to grow, but I need something again that will take me further, free me from my old self/ego, my old role that no longer suits me. I want to break new groundn to feel more fulfilled and whole.

I find a flyer at a dance night: DieHERO'S JOURNEY
After initial hesitation, the call grows stronger and I follow it on the journey - a five-day inner journey. 6 days and 5 nights sounds like an intense experience, and it will be - I'm ready to get involved."

Henry Sterzik


"With theHero's Journey by Paul Rebillotyou set off on an adventure, on a journey to yourself. You get to know your inner  hero and your inner demon - the part that is your own  wants to shape life and the part that does everything to prevent exactly that zu . This gives you the opportunity to discover the conflicting forces within you, to consciously perceive and integrate them. The  union of "hero" and "demon" within you can make you feel more complete and connected to your potential. How would   your life look like if you lived it out of this potential and   shaped it?"

Birch Knopp

Here we go

"We are in good hands in the seminar room and also in the guest house. The participants have a team of experienced people (thank you Birke, thank you Roland) who accompany our change so coherently that we can let ourselves go deep into old feelings. We surrender to everything that comes our way in the inner world and travel through the many aspects of our being: exploration of inner child aspects and the pain body that has developed, experiencing the creative power and vision, deep immersion in the Landscapes of the soul - until after tears, laughter, anger, sadness and RELIEF we have lifted ourselves to a higher level with a strengthened embodied soul - more peaceful, kinder to ourselves and others.
Deeply touched, we part again after traveling together in the shelter, but what connects us remains stored in our souls.
I feel aliveness and more embodiment (I'm more in carne, so more incarnated) and less blocked. I've grown and would like to recommend this tip to anyone looking for more peace, aliveness and strength."

Henry Sterzik

"The HEROES JOURNEY goes far beyond the usual cognitive programs. It is personality development in the best sense.
The HERO'S JOURNEY is based on effective and optimized methods of humanist psychology (Gestalt therapy, bioenergetics...). In a unique ritual combined with imaginative, creative and cognitive techniques."


Institute for Form and Experience

Birke Knopp - Gestalttherapeutin, System Coach, dipl. Pädagogin und Wandlungskünstlerin

 "Ich begleite Menschen seit über 20 Jahren auf dem Weg der Wandlung. Mein Schwerpunkt ist die therapeutische Begleitung von Veränderungsprozessen."


The interview with Birke Knopp gives an insight into her work (change, transformation, integration), which comes into play in her seminars and the hero's journey

"What we project outward and reject creates polarity, it is what separates us. When we examine the polar forces (strong - weak, might - powerless, hero - demon, loving - fearful), we realize that everything is within us and we are all of that."

Henry Sterzik

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