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Inventors - the Pioniers


Pioneers - what does that mean? All the inventors mentioned above were aware of the invisible force that works behind the material appearance: vibration and frequency, eddy currents, cosmic and thus natural forces. They recognized the cosmic order behind the visible material world and explored these invisible forces.

They all used their knowledge to build unprecedented innovations, inventions and devices that were in positive harmony with creation and thus also serve humanity, which frees them from poverty and injustice.

And because they were ahead of their time, they had to stand up to critical voices, were ridiculed or suppressed by industrialists and bankers who saw a danger in losing their power. In some cases, inventions were confiscated and kept secret from the world.


Today and thanks to the internet, the time has come to spread this knowledge again and to help mankind to live in harmony with the cosmic order again.

Because the cosmic order is always there and cannot be hidden forever.

We can all learn to fit ourselves into this order again so that we can regain health and prosperity that only a small part of humanity has currently achieved.


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About the videos: Inventions that were significant but did not change the course of history because dark machinations* prevented this.

In our list above, we only present inventors who were groundbreaking in the field of health through information and frequency medicine.

(*Dark machinations = selfish, self-serving interests, not in the spirit of community and divine love)

Forbidden technologies and the elimination of their inventors, part 1

Forbidden technologies and the elimination of their inventors, part 2

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