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"Health is the result of a harmonic vibration"
(Henry Sterzik)
We focus on world-class products and provide you with knowledge,
that enriches your live to make you feel better

New: Vitori crystal mats

New: Tesla Home

New: roots detox products

Given the crisis, the economy will collapse,
government financial support will lead to inflation.
This is why health investment is one of the best things you can do in times of crisis!
We offer durable products and Lavylites has a storage capacity of 9 months.

Tesla Oszillator, Wasserenergetisierer

Did you know that a healthy cell has a voltage of about 70 mV and a cancer cell an average of 15 mV?


Did you know that the frequencies of the watervitaliser (Tesla Oszillator, celltuner) increases the molecular tension, structure the water and improves the health level of humans and animals enormously?

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Energiebilder von Henry Sterzik

Did you know that every work of art has a charisma and not only conveys the energy of colors and forms, but also the energy of the artist?


A forgery differs from the original also by the vibration that the work of art radiates. High vibrations create "healing pictures". We measured ...

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Wasserwirbler nach Schauberger

Did you know that water changes structurally through natural turbulence alone.

It becomes softer and copper also helps to gain further health benefits.

Viktor Schauberger showed us how nature works and if we understand and copy it, we gain an enormous quality of life.



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Did you know that our hearing naturally receives sound waves not horizontally, but vertically?

For this reason, Anton Stucki launched the natural sound converter to optimize music and sounds for hearing. Sunray can be used for your own listening pleasure and Eternita for larger rooms.
Welcome to the world of harmonious hearing.


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Waterresonator von Wassermatrix

Did you know that ethereally information from untouched nature can communicate better with cells and their DNA than physical materials?


That's because the cell understands and can respond to ethereally information just by spraying the positive informations into the aura of our "bodies."

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Did you know that the symbolic power of the "flower of life" organizes and harmonizes when worn on the body, when looking at it and even when you put food on the coaster.


The symbol is ancient and was discovered in different cultures that supposedly had nothing to do with each other. Read about the history and effects of the flower of life


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Vitori Kristallmatten

Did you know that there are very good natural products for purification and detoxification, but that ROOT has improved the biocompatibility so that the effectiveness is increased many times over.

Read the story of Dr, Christina Rahm to understand what improved her.

How did I get root?

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Did you know that German drinking water has stricter guidelines than mineral water, but Germany ranks only in the middle in the world-wide comparison of water quality?


We'll show you how to extract pure water from your tap water and also how to get your water

be informed.



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