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The Flower of Life


An ancient symbol - historical background

The fascinating thing about the flower of life is that this symbol is very old and was found in the most diverse regions of the world, so in cultural areas that did not communicate or trade with each other, for example in ancient Egypt in the Osiris Temple, in the Hazara Rama Temples in the Indian Hampi and the Indian Golden Temple in Punjab (16th century), in the Peruvian Cusco and also in China in the forbidden city.

There the flower of life is depicted as a ball and lies under the paw of a stone lion (14th century). The oldest depiction was found on the doorstep of a royal palace (645 BC).


My guess is, that the symbol as well as the knowledge about the pyramid buildings spread out from the tribes of the Atlanteans over the earth and that in the course of human evolution the cultures then developed largely isolated.


So it only seems that we Europeans have discovered foreign cultures through seafaring and the thirst for adventure and that they have developed independently.

Modern historiography does not have a revealing explanation of the origins of mankind that would make sense. It provides an image that is incomplete. Most likely, extraterrestrials brought the flower of life to Earth at a time that is nearly forgotten.


Forbidden City in China 14th century


Golden Temple in Punjab (India, 16th century)


Crop circle in England (20th century)

Symbolic power - effect


The flower of life is a positive symbol, it is one of the most ingenious signs that exists. It is a symbol of sacred geometry - the measure of nature and therefore the flower of life works. Harmonic vibrations increase the life energy and increase the natural vibration for protection. That is why we decided to offer this wonderful vibration of the flower of life in our shop.

The body, food and other products are more balanced, but everyone should pay attention to his feelings, which advise what is good for you, because we all live in different energy levels.

In the film "Thrive" the 3D animated representation of the flower of life is implemented very clearly​ (Thrive on Youtube)

Our products

Many articles with the flower of life are offered on the Internet and in shops. We have researched, searched and selected for you. We have chosen 2 gold-plated products that have a high quality in execution and effect. They are both made of metal and energized. They are energized for a few days in Switzerland. In our opinion, these two products are sufficient to obtain optimal energy, one for on to go and one for "at home".

The amulet


Customer opinion from a sensitive woman from Switzerland about the amulet and protection against 5G radiation

Video. 1.38 min.


Customer opinions about the coaster

"On my trip to Champagne, I had the coaster with me and was able to calm a rather violent disturbance under the bed. Really great! It is a very good travel companion. I also significantly improved the house wine in a restaurant with it. By only two To give examples, I will definitely order them for Christmas.

... I put the coaster under my pillow last night and slept exceptionally well with it. I wonder if it will reduce my ringing in the ears over time? I will report."

Verena Sigrist, Bern, (10.2018)

„Every two weeks I water my very different types of plants. To do this, I take water from the tap, about a liter in a measuring cup, which I then put on the small saucer for about two to three minutes. Then I water my plants with it. I repeat this process until all plants are supplied with water. Plants that I watered with this water grown to heaven” every week. A small fir tree that I bought at Christmas time last year 2018 even has new branches growing on the tops of the branches ”. 

Jäck W., (06.2019)


The flower of life is part of the basic equipment for good energization and harmonization, that's why offers you the amulet for the body and the coaster for at home and when traveling.

The manufacturer can give expert knowledge and answer the questions about the products of the flower of life.


Gregor von Drabich (entrepreneur)

Please send your request by e-mail, you will be advised as soon as possible:

Gregory v. Drabich

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