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Financially through the crisis

We have summarized a few useful tips to remain able to act in the crisis

1. What to do with my inflation savings? convert money (also interesting for people who only want to save a few hundred euros)

2. How do I get through the Corona crisis (if my job is in danger)?

In the long term we need a systemic shift towards oneness with nature and a communal sense of "Ubuntu/sharing/sharing". But since the crisis came unexpectedly for many, interim solutions are also needed, which we would like to mention here.



National debt through the fiat currency is the order of the day everywhere and a financial crash has often been predicted. However, we do not know when and how this will have an effect. The financial elite only has an interest in a (controlled) financial crash if they can continue to keep the people in their grip. Therefore, negative interest rates and other central bank measures are methods of delaying a crash. Nevertheless, the value of money decreases enormously due to inflation (dollar/euro) and the powerful elite could find a way out and blame an economic crash on "Corona". Because lockdowns and trade restrictions have already brought chaos and a shift in the value of many commodities. Then there is the war in Ukraine.

Geld ummuenzen

1. What to do with my inflation savings? convert money

You can leave your savings in the account, but it makes only little sense as long as the devaluation progresses.

Alternatives are:


precious metals








The real estate market is very tight because many savers want to turn their money into real assets. However, an investment seems unsuitable for the average consumer, because real estate requires work through rental and maintenance. And if the money is not already on the high side, a loan must be found that has also taken into account the monthly repayment installment. But Corona has added a major element of uncertainty. Can tenants still pay their rent if they are threatened with unemployment?
Not only borrowers are faced with open questions, but also homeowners, who are to be asked to pay in 2024, once through an increase in property tax and also through a corona-related burden compensation payment. Property owners are asked to pay up.


Here, too, you should think wisely, because buying a second washing machine for safety does not make life directly easier. Each additional purchase of goods can be a burden, because you need space (for the car, the camper, etc.). Follow-up costs are also a disadvantage. The rich therefore invest in art, which can be small, take up little space and save space. But when there is a change in values and people discover a new form of quality of life, a society can love art or antiques, but not artificially maintain overpriced prices.
That's why we recommend investing in health-promoting products, of which we offer some good ones on Frequency Shop, such as the Tesla Oscillator or the Natural Sound Transducer

Anker 1

precious metals >


The situation is different with precious metals and diamonds, these are small, handy, you can keep them at home and use them as a means of payment or exchange in any currency crisis.

Tip: Buy small coins (silver and gold) for direct exchange. Larger bars, on the other hand, are for post-crisis investing. (Caution: If you want to exchange money from your bank account for gold today, you can also be registered by the tax office). But you can still exchange cash for precious metals in so-called Scheidestätten.

Note: For every ton of gold extracted, around three million tons of earth have to be moved. That's why it makes sense to buy old gold, old jewelry from small sellers, also privately or on ebay.


Gold or other precious metals are a safe haven, but the value cannot be increased immediately, so that large profits cannot be expected in the short term, so it is not recommended to make money.

The graph shows the profit margin of GOLD (approx. 4 euros within one year)


Stocks >


A share is like a share in a company and is linked to its value. If the value of the company falls because the products are not as in demand as in the previous year, the value of the share can also fall. This also falls when investors have less confidence in the company. Sometimes inhumane tricks are used, because the media can badmouth a company until the investors believe it and sell their shares.

Buy recommendation: safe investment (share)
For legal reasons, I can't recommend buying a stock, but I can share my own ethical considerations with you. I wonder what is needed sustainably. Which company could also be important in the future for the

Mankind. A good consideration for me is also whether the company is built on the ground (material) and whether investments/products (sustainable, healthy, efficient) are invested in future-oriented technology/goods, because exploitation by corporations can never be a good reason in to invest in such a company.


Buy recommendation: profitable investment (risky)

My reasoning: a profitable stock with rapid growth harbors the risk that the company was overvalued after a hype and the stock quickly falls again. Internet companies in particular (newcomers) can rise for a short time and quickly crash. What is currently in demand on the market determines the price of the share. Does a small investor know which share is currently worthwhile? However, large investors who (unfortunately) can strongly influence the market will not reveal their strategy. You can make quick profits by investing in a newcomer company, but you have to have the right nose or a bit of luck.

Crypto >


Basically, one can say that cryptocurrencies have established themselves and that the value of the established coins has increased permanently. Above all, Bitcoin - initially on shaky ground, is increasingly being accepted as a currency alternative to fiat money. We experience that not only big banks offer this as an investment, but also entire companies up to states want to establish cryptocurrencies as an alternative currency. In addition to the pioneer Bitcoin, Etherum has also become indispensable and the value is increasing.
However, the investments are risky, due to cyber attacks and because there are large fluctuations in the value of the coins. It is difficult to estimate when the right time to buy is, nobody knows when a bottom has been reached and the next upswing will come. However, it is also true that large investors can manipulate the market.


The fluctuations can be seen very well in the graphic, which shows the annual value for 2021.

Table left: Bitcoin value within one year (2021). You can see the high fluctuations and it is not always clear when things will pick up again. For comparison, however, you can see the long-term increase in value over a period of five years (table on the right).




A very good alternative is to help a company get off the ground without bank capital (credit) in the form of croud funding (= many people give small amounts of money to bring a project to life) or by providing services to a company. We want to recommend JuicyFields as a hot tip here, because e-growers can expect big profits here.

Our recommendation:

You buy plants which are then planted, tended and harvested and after 108 days the harvest is sold. Your profit as an e-grower is at least 35% profit. You can repeat this as often as you like.

The market situation is good, so that these rich profits can be distributed at the moment. However, we do not know how many years the prices for the hemp crops will remain stable and when the plantations will be exhausted, so now is the best time to buy plants.


The picture on the right shows a purchase example in the Juicyfields shop:

20 plants x €50 = €1000 bet.

Profit after 108 days: €350 to €650 depending on harvest (weather conditions and sale price)

We think this is a very good way to make a profit at the moment.

Please send further questions about registration , purchasing and the back office to:


Juicyfields plantations can be found in Portugal, South America and other sun-drenched countries, right picture: exhibition stand at the cannabis fair in  Chelsea (London) 27/28/01/22



  1. Investments in real assets that are necessary to get through the crisis or to make life easier in the long term make sense

  2. Precious metals never hurt. These may not bring a great increase in value, but great security, because always recognized as a medium of exchange, this was the case at all times.

  3. Investments in established cryptocurrency with a view to long-term increase in value are recommended

  4. When investing in real estate, then in a living culture that is life-affirming, self-sufficient, community, future-oriented. Because in Germany, due to politics, real estate will be taxed higher in the future

  5. Become an e-grower with at least 35% profit margin after 108 days.

2. How do I get through the Corona crisis?

In uncertain times, it can make sense to leave the safe harbor if it no longer corresponds to one's own inner values. Being moral is a great asset, after all you still want to look in the mirror tomorrow. But where does the money come from if the running costs remain?

In the civil service in particular, there are enough reasons not to be available to the state as a workforce because of the corona policy. Likewise, there are employers who suffer from such great fear that they impose even stricter rules on their employees than the dictatorial state demands. But most people are afraid of leaving. They believe that a complete transition is necessary, but we prefer to suggest a gentle exit - there are options.

When I look at the job market in the local press, I see enough vacancies. But is this also something for free spirits or the unvaccinated?
There are not many alternatives to be found on the internet:
On Telegram:

There are often too few offers in the regional job market. People who drop out and who are switching are also rethinkers for an alternative future. It is often people who look after their heart needs more during the crisis than continue to bend. Now flexibility is required. And a switch is usually successful through an initial part-time job.

Referral marketing is the opportunity to gain a certain degree of independence through free time management and little equity. You start small, on the side.  

Game Rules:

I recommend products that are good for me and I get commissions from the manufacturer - that's the basic game. The manufacturer rewards this because it saves the cost of general advertising.

Above all, we can also recommend Juicyfields for people without financial reserves , because I can not only become an e-grower with little money, but also receive 5% commissions through a recommendation (without my own obligation to buy)


We can offer a few tips that can be door openers that allow a fresh start


  1. Look for like-minded people and exchange ideas, juggle with new ideas, because the future is:
    We are capable of a lot in the group, together we are strong. The past was: in my job I feel left out, I have to master everything on my own - stop it, see your talents and your opportunity.

  2. If you don't have any ideas of your own or don't have the money, then find the alternative company that specializes in referral marketing and suits you (i.e. a rewarding activity that you can do on the side without large investments). You recommend products that suit you, that are good for you and recommend them to others.
    There are many companies that do not invest in advertising, but instead turn their customers into partners and reward them for their recommendation. This even goes up to a very high income or even up to passive income depending on how many new customers you bring on board.

List of such companies:


Our personal tips:

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