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Freedom & Humanity

"If trust is first built up in small groups and the certainty that one can rely on one another, there is also a basis for networking with other groups - and then also for facing the major challenges and resistance. The power that Growing from that mutual dependability can make a difference and create real change."

(Anton Stucki, December 2021)

"The increasingly evident seizure of power by the government following the globalists is leading to ever greater resistance on the side of the freedom-loving.


Anton Stucki: “What is our task as humans”

This crisis gives birth to the desire for something new, it creates space and a spirit of optimism on the side of those who love life and work for freedom, love and humanity."

(Henry Sterzik)

Anton Stucki was also looking for new answers and founded the League for Freedom and Humanity together with a group .  

"What could be a new answer for living in the face of the dramatic changes in the present and also the hopes and experiences of pain, injustice and suffering in the past?

What we create and life as we experience it does not just happen. It manifests from our imagination because of our ability to be creators. Through our actions we can create a world that enables every being to learn, develop and realize in order to experience and understand themselves and the world in their own way.

At the beginning of every change there is the individual, women and men, who formulate their vision for the future. By talking to other people about what we want to develop, what we want to strengthen and build on - something valuable can emerge: a shared strength, a clarification of our thoughts and feelings - and the certainty that we are not alone.

By coming together and talking and listening to each other, a space is created in which communication and perception can develop and take place without fear of each other. The path of healing begins to become a common path and self-awareness is strengthened.
From our spirit and our hearts the new can be born. This takes effort because it involves recognizing our limiting thoughts and transforming them. Our life is a reflection of our inner state and what we can imagine. What we dare to hope for and think possible is determined by 2 energies: Our experiences of joy and love on the one hand and on the other hand the injuries suffered, our failures and the limiting conditionings that have been imposed on us - and the we allowed ourselves to be imposed.

My process of finding my answer to the pain and horror of this world has led me to found the with a circle of people who are also developing their answer, want to express and implement - with respect for people who have found other answers for themselves.

Some ideas/goals:

  • We want a society that allows every being in living diversity to strive for their individual happiness and at the same time creates a really fair economic and financial order without redistribution via interest and compound interest, with stability and security for people.

  • By recycling the raw materials that the earth gives us, there will be enough for everyone in the long run.

  • This also means that agriculture is converted to non-toxic cultivation, which reduces the costs for drinking water, waste water treatment and for the maintenance of the soil and more than compensates for the higher production costs. In addition, all climate targets would be achieved and as a side effect, healthy and natural foods rich in nutrients and minerals would reduce costs in the health sector, since diet-related diseases in particular would decrease.

The wheel of history cannot be turned back - nor is it necessary, because in all these aspects we as humans have experienced what we do not want. So it contains the germ of what we want.

We believe that we create a human coexistence based on the order of nature, giving people the freedom to seek and find their own way and to pursue what they want. This without compulsion for other people who want other ways.

We invite you to bring your vision, your strength and your knowledge.



The implementation and application begins in the local area with concrete projects and initiatives with the prospect of nationwide implementation. It doesn't matter whether this happens in our FEDERATION FOR FREEDOM AND HUMANITY or in another context - but it requires the work of all of us."

(Anton Stucki)

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