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Dr. Royal Rife

Royal Raymond Rife (born May 16, 1888, † August 11, 1971) was an American inventor and scientist. He was not only a researcher, but also a brilliant inventor. Today we can rightly claim that his discoveries have brought the end of many diseases. Because he paved the way for it back in the 1920s.


We humans only have to free ourselves from greed for profit at the expense of others and the environment in order to build a Garden of Eden on earth. We have to free ourselves from inhuman politicians and the powerful of this world who disregard the welfare of their people.

Today's health care:

​Worldwide, the use of poison gas (an invention for killing people for war) and successor products are the most common methods in the "fight" against cancer. The stupid thing is, that such methods have established worldwide and the advocates have manipulated the majority of people to believe that this method is the best.

In truth, however, this dizziness is a way of reducing the world's population and making enormous profits for pharmafia with sick people. Chemotherapy (multiple treatments) is estimated to cost between € 50,000 and € 150,000. Most of the money goes to the manufacturers of medicines, i.e. the pharmaceutical industry, and costs the health insurance companies billions a year, i.e. us the contributors.


The consequences of chemotherapy are known: hair loss, changes in the mucous membranes, fungal infections, a weakened immune system and vomiting. Most people die from immunodeficiency, they lack the regenerative power.

The moderate success of some survivors continues to justify the use of chemo against cancer. However, the mirror wrote in an article from 2004: "Poison cure without benefit".


This madness could have been eliminated long ago because, like Lakhovsky, Dr. Rife showed a way out 100 years ago. Whoever believes, that there was no evidence of Rifes’s success is still subject to the manipulative power of the “powerful” of this world.

Dr. Rife's Achievements:


Rife built highly effective microscopes right up to dark field microscopes in the 1920s, which achieved a magnification of 30,000 times with excellent sharpness (see picture on the right). With these powerful microscopes, Dr. Rife examined viruses and especially cancer cells. He later found an electromagnetic frequency that causes the virus to self-destruct within a voltage field. More on this here too: The Health Compass on YouTube


"Rife discovered that any illness can be overcome by frequencies based on their individual electromagnetic signature.“

(2004 Dr. Matthias Weisser)

Pic. right: Rifes Microsope

Mikroskop von Dr. Rife

Sixteen terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital were screened using the frequency method of Dr. Rife treated. After the three months of treatment, 14 patients were fully recovered.

The pharmaceutical cartel (Rockefeller clan) was worried, Rifes ’method only cost a few cents of electricity. The AMA made an offer to Rife, but Rife wanted to help people with his invention and turned down the offer. What happened next is common in circles that are only interested in power over people, the Rife laboratory burned out and with it its research results and laboratory equipment.

Dr. Rife fled to Mexico.


Then, in the 1950s, Rife and his technician John Crane developed a new type of frequency therapy device that sent resonance waves into the body using electrodes attached to the body. But in 1961 Crane was convicted and put in prison.


Some people think that if I make such statements, I could get into trouble, but the truth is that we all already live in a world of trouble and environmental degradation and I offer solutions to fix it. The truth is that if my immortal soul reincarnates on earth, it wants to find a more beautiful earth.


(Henry Sterzik)



Important information about frequency therapy:

„These frequencies are not a panacea, but they can provide valuable help. The combination with silver colloids significantly increases the effectiveness against bacteria, viruses and fungi. "

(2004 Dr. Matthias Weisser)


My solution is, not to use viruses to eliminate viruses and bacteria, but to strengthen healthy cells and to increase their cell tension by means of vitalization by:


1. Water energizer

2. Lavylites Auricum Sensitive (information cosmetics) with colloidal silver


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