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We've been looking at health, psychology, nutrition, and thriving growth for years, now we want to share our knowledge with you and introduce you the products that we selected to be the best and most successful.

In this regard, frequency devices and information transmission are of the utmost importance. Not only do we invite you to get to know our exquisite products, but we also want to share knowledge about the inventors and frequency pioneers of history to develop a deeper and deeper understanding.

We wish you to enjoy the exciting informations








For at home


On the go

Our exquisite products


Our top seller among all energizing systems that we know is the cell tuner, water vitalizer or also called Tesla oscillator, the frequency device that helps people, animals and plants in the greatest possible spectrum. We sell the original Wassermatrix water vitalizer and work closely with Arthur Tränlke's team. (Continue reading)


The Schauberger water vortex is for the faucet, whether in the kitchen or shower, it swirls the water optimally according to the natural flow, twisting and whirling movement clockwise to produce valuable and light water.

We only use copper to optimize this. (Continue reading)

The flower of life - more than a symbol. We offer the coaster for food and cosmetics and also the protective amulet for to go, charged & energized in Switzerland through a 7-day process. (Continue reading)

Telsa@Home - Water Resonator - Energize your water already in the main line with the Water Resonator from Wassermatrix (Tesla@Home).

This means that you also have energized water in the bathtub, the shower and also for the garden... (
read more)


Seeing - images that energize and enliven - just by looking at it, it lifts the mood, we have measured and documented this. (Continue reading)


Now available as a hand-signed art print and also as a motif: Flower of Life

The natural sound converter leads to the finest listening pleasure. Anton Stucki has specialized in hearing and its healing possibilities through sound. (Continue reading)


We offer these high-quality hi-fi systems in our shop .


When traveling, at work and in many other life situations, we are exposed to disharmonious vibrations. A spray of Auricum (information cosmetics) can work wonders and directly strengthen the aura. Our recommendation for on to go for the briefcase and handbag. (Continue reading)

The top device among all water filter systems : We also recommend BestWater and we clearly explain the reasons for this: (read more)


Personal advice on the phone from our expert Jürgen Bach is possible

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