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The TOWER - vibration increase

tower von ambitionlife
tower_alu_silber kleines Format

The Tower® increases vibration, harmonizes electrosmog -

Inside filled with various semi-precious stones


The Tower® is an ancient sacred object. In addition to the sacred form, there are various semi-precious stones from the region of the Bosnian pyramids, which are generally known as healing places with the highest energies.

Thanks to the energizing, the Tower® has its own consciousness. The towers are networked with each other and form an energy network that we as humans can use. Many healers have confirmed its high energy of over 1 million Bovis (small Bovis scale) and its positive effect on our body. Place the Tower® anywhere you like. Its effective radius extends up to 5 km and harmonizes electrosmog, but also water veins and geomantic interference fields. Look forward to the positive changes in your environment.  


Delivery time: 2 – 7 working days


The sacred geometry amplifies energies


In the last few years and especially months, the energies of many of us have been greatly increased, which also has to do with the general increase in vibration on earth. The energy of Mother Earth has risen sharply, which can be seen from the increased values of the Schumann frequency from originally 7.8 Hz to over 30 Hz (Source: Heart-Math Institute

In order to be able to accompany the earth's leap into the next dimension, our vibration must also rise sharply. A wonderful possibility for this is the Tower®. It is best to check kinesiologically or by pendulum whether the tower is suitable for you. 

We have also overlaid images of people or maps for distance treatments to measure changes in the energy field for testing purposes. Please only do this with the consent of those affected and remain available so that you can quickly remove the tower if necessary.

The Tower® is available in four versions:


- Inside filled with various semi-precious stones from the Bosnian Pyramids region

1. Anodized aluminum, 2 sizes, dimensions: height 18 cm, weight: 632 g, dimensions: height 12 cm, weight: 204 g

2. brass,Made from a solid block of brass and powder-coated, dimensions: height 18 cm, weight: 2,045 g

3. Brass with 24k gold, machined from a solid block of brass, plated with 24k gold. Dimensions: height 18 cm, weight: 2,045 g

Care instructions:Please only touch the Tower® with the enclosed gloves. This will prevent stains on the brass, which can be removed with a brass cleaner. 

Note: Science and conventional medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other importance due to a lack of scientific evidence in the sense of conventional medicine. This also applies to the product described here.

Ausführliche Infos zum Tower. Sally Maghsood im Gespräch mit Gregor von Drabich

Erfahrungsbericht eines Anwenders vom Tower

REFERENCES from users

 "The Tower has been in my apartment for 4 weeks and I definitely don't want to be without it. I now feel full of strength and energy again, after previously having a hard time just getting through the day. (I'm 82 years old old and live in the middle of the city with all the tangle of rays.) Many small complaints have turned to good. The tower seems to know what I'm missing and is simply beautiful. I sometimes see gold and other bright colors emanating from it. A divine gift. Thank you!"(Ursula L.; 02/22)


"After four direct exposures to an older dog (impaired, stiff gait, reduced energy) with the device and primarily a flat probe, the tower has been in his photo for about three weeks now: according to the owner, the dog is generally more lively and curious about the environment instead of rather lethargic behavior, increasing self-confidence when walking up stairs, also more active in terms of his interest in "young ladies"... ;)"(01/22) 

"I have to say, I was very surprised by the Tower! My son (8 years old) is a very nervous boy and usually lets out his excessive demands with outbursts of anger in his usual home. I took the Tower home with me for the first time after the school holidays "It was only in the evening that I realized how harmonious the rest of the day was, but then I stopped thinking about it. This went on throughout the week. The whole family was extraordinarily balanced. At the beginning of the coming week I I took the tower back to the office. I noticed that the mood slowly changed over the next few days. So I took the tower home with me again the following week. It felt like the tower was the whole environment has recharged my batteries. My son has grown into a fun, energetic boy and I am so thankful that something as wonderful as this Tower exists."Tamara, Switzerland (08/21)


"Tomorrow I'll lend one of my towers to a family friend of mine, they want to try it out and maybe take one too.

We have more and more towers in Vienna 🙏🇦🇹

For the good of all who live in this city

The 5G expansion since 2020 has been enormous.. I'm happy about the harmonizing effect for all living beings here." (10/12/22) ... from the Telegram exchange group

​​The tower is available in 4 versions at prices ranging from EUR 490.00 to EUR 2980.00

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