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Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich (born March 24, 1897 in Galicia, † November 3, 1957 in the USA) was a doctor, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher (sex researcher) and inventor.

He initially studied medicine, but his urge to research went far beyond the usual degree. As a psychoanalyst and sexologist, he supported the theory that the oppressed sexual energy by the church and patriarchy leads to the unnatural fascist ideologies.

W. Reich was versatile interested in the fact that we would like to focus primarily on the development of electromedicine and examine his inventions, which became known as orgone energy. He invented the orgone accumulator, a box into which you go with your body to get concentrated biological energy. He was groundbreaking in his ideas and research, so that he was under pressure all his life. He was forced to burn his own books in the United States and had to go to prison. Perhaps it was not his “supposedly confused” theories, but rather his inventions that were a thorn in the side of the “powerful”, because the inventions could lead humans in a greater freedom and independence.

He died shortly before he was released from prison. Was this a murder for fear that he could stand in the way of the shadow government again if he continued to research? The biographical adaptation of Wilhelm Reich with actor K.M. Brandauer is really worth seeing.

The cloudbuster


In my opinion, the cloudbuster (rain maker) is probably the most interesting invention of Wilhelm Reich at the moment, because this invention could change the energies in the sky so that clouds formed in the sky until it rained.


The government's secret services may also have been very interested in this technology, which it developed for its own purposes and is now used secretly. There is also a great music video from 1985 by Kate Bush - cloudbusting


Photo above: W. Reich's laboratory in the USA, now a museum

cloud buster

On the other hand, technology is no longer suppressed and thanks to the Internet it is finding more and more fans. The Algerian Madjid Abdellaziz is particularly well known, who has further developed the cloudbuster and uses devices for heavenly harmony, rainmakers and sky acupuncture worldwide. Information can be found on the website:

I would like to introduce you to a chemtrail buster (= device for sky acupuncture or harmonization of the atmosphere and cleaning through the chemical broth of the aircraft (bioengeneering)) according to Wilhelm Reich, which contains the building instructions.

Photo left: cloudbuster in the in the Algerian desert

Helpful links and e-books:


E-Book: Wilhelm Reich - Sex Economics and the Discovery of Orgone Energy, a 465-page tome edited by James Demeo and Bernd Senf

Film: Der Fall Wilhelm Reich with Klaus Maria Brandauer as Wilhelm Reich (worth seeing)


E-Book: Chembuster (building instructions)

Music video von Kate Bush: cloudbusting

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