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Videos about information cosmetics

It is worth noting that you will receive further helpful information about cosmetics from Hungary, inform yourself before you decide. Here we have summarized important videos.

Introductory video:

  • Information medicine

  • Structure of the twelve-dimensional cosmos

  • Spiritual and material creation

User Reviews:

  • Interviews mit Anwendern der Informationskosmetik

  • Erfahrungsberichte

Kick-off event 2019:

  • Speakers on stage

  • Many interviews by participants

  • Testimonials about the products

Ludwig Reiser:

  • Excerpt from the workshop 2018

  • Why Lavylites

  • Why consciousness cosmetics

Informations Medicine:

  • For a better understanding of frequencies

  • To understand drugs

  • Homeopathy - simply explained

Henry Sterzik:

  • How does information affect water and food?

  • Organic non-organic

More testimonials can be found here:

or directly to the manufacturer's product page

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