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The Flower of Life

Create Paradise - Guided Meditation with C. Roland


AWAKE ... wake up with Catharina Roland

In the film Awake, Catharina Roland shows her way, how she develops from disappointed love and the events that allegedly run uncontrolled in her life through realizations to self-mastery.

The film contains many tips for anyone setting out to become a conscious and joyful creator of their destiny.



AWAKE 2 Paradise

Now is the time not only to master yourself, but to use your own creative power to create paradise on earth. Catherina Roland made the second inspirational film for this: Awake 2

We invite you to start your little meditation of about 7 minutes, a vision journey that helps YOU to create your own positive future:



A guide to awakening


"We spend most of our lives in a kind of hibernation. We function, but we are separate from the source of our being. What can we do to wake up? With this question in the bag, the single mother and business woman Catharina Roland sets off on one deeply enriching journey to numerous visionaries and spiritual teachers who help to rediscover our lost wholeness and to heal ourselves and our surroundings. ... "

(C. Roland)

Trailer AWAKE - A guide to awakening

Awake 2 Paradise


"We are at a point in our evolution where our actions determine our survival and that of countless species. ...

And - is it too late - or do we still have a chance to live paradise on earth?

With these questions in the bag, Catharina Roland embarks on a new, transformative journey to ask scientists, coaches and visionaries how we can regain our balance. ... "

(C. Roland)

Trailer AWAKE 2 Paradise

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