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Lakhovsky, G. Lakhovsky

Georges Lakhovsky (born September 17, 1870, † August 31, 1942) was a Russian inventor. He became known for an invent of frequency spiral, also known as a multi-wave oscillator. By transmitting a high frequency, he was able to act on the cells in the body and cure cancer (see picture below).

The method is not officially recognized, because whoever has the power is in charge. Often methods are declared nonsensical, which have enormous effects, so that those who use their methods and medication, earn a lot of money and help shape politics continue to earn a lot. Poison gas, developed for war, for example, is a gas given as a "chemo" to cancer patients to kill cells. As a result, people often die because they become too weak to regenerate. Other means that hardly cost money are hardly considered, it is about a lot of money and power, the established healthcare system is outdated and in need of reform, so that people get what helps and not what brings in a lot of money.

"He who heals is right."    (Paracelsus)


G. Lakhovsky cured this woman (see picture on the right) from cancer using a multi-wave oscillator, which he had invented.

The treatment period was from April 25, 1932 to May 30, 1932. The woman recovered in a relatively short time, the cells of the skin regenerated by means of frequencies from the oscillator and not only the open area healed, but rather the entire skin of the face of this woman rejuvenated, after which she had significantly fewer wrinkles.

Lakovsky's views that he was able to cure cancer using frequencies are no longer recognized (by whom?)

Krebsheilung mit Multiwellenoszillator

"However, some alternative medical concepts still refer to Lakhovsky, and there are manufacturers who continue to offer replicas of Lakhovsky's MWO devices."


“Lakovsky was hit in New York in 1942 and was brought against his will to Adelphi Hospital in Brooklyn, where he died of the aftermath of the traffic accident. His son spoke of murder. "

(Source: Wikipedia)


The American Medical Association (AMA), founded by the Rockefellars, declared the multi-wave oscillator for quackery and banned its use in hospitals. You can find out what else the AMA did in the film Thrive (watch it for free on YouTube) or read Infos about Dr. Rife.

Research on frequencies and their use has never stopped, otherwise we would not have the technical transmission and reception technology of smartphones and other devices, such as the harmful microwave oven.


Here we see G. Lakhovsky sitting with the multi-wave oscillator (picture left)

Secret research was carried out in America and also in Russia, and the experiments were evaluated. Many frequencies and their antennas, coils and angles have enormous effects, both in the destructive, as well as in the constructive and healing sense.


One product that came to us after decades of research in Russia is the water energizer, which we warmly recommend.

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