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The flat hand probe

The water energizer (vitalizer) is constantly being developed.

The new flat handheld probe has been on the market since 2021 and the special feature is the large contact surface and the shielding. The first experiences on my body are the cozy warmth with a positive effect.

The hand probe is very suitable for placing on my back, so I can easily treat myself alone.

A friend of mine couldn't sleep on her stomach for about 4 months without her sacrum starting to hurt. She used the flat hand probe to treat the aforementioned back area twice for 30 minutes and the pain in the sacrum has stayed away to this day.


The flat handheld probe is now available in two versions, 1x as a fixed, stable version and 1x as a flexpad (see image on the right). The Flexpad has a soft mesh-like fabric and is cuddly.

The new version (Flexpad from Wassermatrix) can also be purchased from us. This is very handy and cuddly.

Please inquire or order informally by email. The flexpad is very popular at the moment. Write us an email if we have these in stock (usually yes)

Flexpad Price: €350 + VAT

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