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Tesla Flex Pad & Relax Pad & Flex Plus

TheTesla oscillator (vitalizer, experimental set) is constantly being developed further.

There are now 3 variants of flat hand probes:

Tesla Flex Pad                                 Relax Pad                               Tesla Flex Plus



The flat Tesla Flex Pad has been on the market since 2021.


Special feature:

- flexible support surface and shielding.


The hand probe is very suitable for placing on my own back, so I can treat myself easily on my own.


TheRelax pad has been on the market since 2023.

Special feature:

- large support surface (60 x 60 cm) and shielding.

The Relax Pad is very suitable for meditation because the energy is distributed over the large area. A pleasant, harmonious feeling is created that can support deeper relaxation.

We have observed that animals also like to lie down on them.

Telsa Flex Plus2.JPG

TheFlex Plus has been on the market since 2024.

Special feature:

- large contact surface (60 x 60 cm) and shielding.

The Tesla Flex Plus enables comfortable exposure because the Velcro fastener no longer requires holding.

We look forward to future reports.

A friend of mine couldn't sleep on her stomach for about 4 months without her sacrum starting to hurt. She used the flat hand probe to treat the aforementioned back area twice for 30 minutes and the pain in the sacrum has stayed away to this day.


More information about Tesla FLex Pad, presented by Arthur Tränkle

Application examples of the new onesTesla FLex Plus Hand probe from Wassermatrix with clear examples

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